Worlds Away specializes in Magic the Gathering, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars and other science fiction and horror franchises; featuring comics, magazines, T-shirts, posters, action figures, model kits, toys, movies, role playing games, board games, card and gaming supplies, science fiction and fantasy paperbacks...and cheap junk food.
About Us

The story so far..

The Story So Far


And on the eighth day….


Worlds Away is an above-ground, 3,000-square-foot geek cave that specializes in all things science fiction, horror, comics, board games and Magic the Gathering.


When the economy claimed my writing and design job at the beginning of the ’90s, and since I already looked like Comic Book Guy even before there was a Comic Book Guy, my wife Ellen and I started selling pieces of my collections at flea markets in Woodstock, Ingersoll and, subsequently, London. More than 26 years later, the last 20+ at 666 Dundas St., London, I find myself on — gasp — Facebook and this website — double gasp. My friend and customer Brian Wells has done a terrific job putting this puppy together.


You’ll find links to Diamond Comics, Wizards of the Coast, Anime London and FreelanceInk, Ellen’s website. If you need to hire someone to write, edit or design anything from a brochure to a presentation, go no further than her. As well, check out the cool Spider-Man Facebook icon link at the bottom. Also, if you need voice work done contact my best friend, Ian Fults, in Vancouver.


On the Magic side, Worlds Away is an advanced plus Wizards of the Coast premiere store and has hosted more than 4,500 tournaments since 1998, including the following, and most of these the first hobby store in the Forrest City to do so: Gold Tier, Junior Super Series, National Qualifiers, Grand Prix Trials, Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers, Star City Games Invitational Qualifiers, official pre-releases, SCG Tuesday night Magic, Game Days, Launch Parties, Store Championships, the old sneak-peaks, and Friday Night Magic. We run seven tournaments each week and host an in-store monthly Magic league. At the back of the shop you’ll find yours truly, Brad Ashton-Haiste, surrounded by more than 75 binders…the largest selection of Magic singles in London.


Worlds Away purchases Magic cards, comic and toy collections, does special orders and offers gift certificates in any amount.


Go Bruins, Ticats, Packers, Bengals, New Zealand All-Blacks, Essendon Bombers, Toronto FC, Akira Kurosawa, Stanley Kubrick, Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, Philip K. Dick, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Dr. Who, The Ramones, Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Neil Young and…42.